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- Acceptance

Using the free of charge service rememberme.it, in the following called “service provider”, you declare to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement and to be of legal age (at least 18 years old). If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, then you shall not use this service.

- Site Rememberme.it

The service Rememberme.it is a service that, through a technological support, wants to give to its subscribers the possibility to insert and publish their personal data (first name, last name, address, email, phone, sex, nickname, photo, video, documents, personal documents, passport, etc.) as well of those of third parties, including citing place names, photos, videos and texts.
The service provider in its role as technical intermediator is not liable for the contents inserted by the subscribers who are solely held responsible for it. In case of dispute over the contents placed online by the subscribers, the provider as technical intermediator who does not conduct functions of moderation or direction of the described contents, does not need to intervene on this subject, on the basis of the right of free expression of thoughts, if not following an explicit request thereof by the competent legal authority.
The following terms apply to all subscribers visiting the site and to the users who publish their personal data and of third parties on this site. Links to other sites might be published on the site over which the service provider has no control and cannot be held responsible for. The use of this site dismisses the service provider of any responsibility of the use of external sites.

- Access to the site

The services offered by the site are for personal use only, and not for commercial use. When making use of this site, you agree not to copy, divulge and not to modify the data delivered for any kind of purpose other than the purposes it has been designed for. In particular, you shall not use, propagate on other sites, photos or texts of this site without the written consent of the service provider. To access the internal sections of this site, you need to insert your truthful and registered data into the following page. When filling in the form of acceptance you declare to deliver true, exact and complete information. You are the sole entity to be held responsible for future actions. In case of violations of the site by third parties, the service provider will not be held responsible for possible loss of data due to unauthorized usage of your data, photos, videos etc.
You further agree not to use automated systems for research on the site; robots, spiders or other that transmit in a certain period of time more request messages to the server than an ordinary user would reasonably be able to produce in this period of time. You agree not to use your videos to send advertising messages of any nature to other users or for publication of any kind of commercial product, or incite the users to adhere to any kind of programme, political initiative or web site.

- Intellectual property rights

Graphics, software, logo, denomination and the site in its totality belong to the service provider over which it holds all rights. The users keep all intellectual proprietorial rights and any copyright over texts, photos and videos created and inserted by them on the site.
You agree that the texts, photos and videos you sent in will be published on the site and you declare that its contents do not violate in any kind third parties’ rights and dismisses the service provider of any responsibility for them, and for any compensation claim of third parties for damages caused to them. You dismiss the service provider of any responsibility over the usage that might occur by other users of your texts, photos and other material and of any kind of real or presumed compensation claims deriving from such usage.
You agree not to use photos or texts of other users for different purposes other than “personal usage” for which such material has been inserted. You shall not sell, reproduce, not copy and not distribute for any reason such material without the authorization of the respective authors.

- Limitation of responsibility

You acknowledge that the photos, videos and texts inserted by the users come from a variety of sources for which the service provider is not responsible, as much as the service provider is unable to exert a total control of such contents at any given moment. Therefore, you are aware of the fact that such contents might be inexact, debatable, indecent, false or not conform with the regulations. You renounce to undergo any kind of legal action against the service provider in relation to such contents, exempting the service provider from any kind of liability. You can act to improve the service in signalling an abuse by sending an email to info@rememberme.it.

You acknowledge that the use of the site Rememberme.it will be at your own risk. You exempt the service provider from any responsibility for real or presumed damages that might derive from your use of the site. The service provider does not guarantee the continuity of the service on a free of charge basis and such service might be subject to temporarily or permanent interruptions, due to natural or technical or other reasons. In this case, you acknowledge that the service provider will not indemnify you in any way for any loss of personal data, video, texts etc. You are the only person reliable for your data, photos and videos. You exempt the service provider of any real or presumed damages determined by non-authorized access to the site, or by improper use of third parties of your material you have placed on Rememberme.it.

You acknowledge that the service provider is not held responsible for possible damages inflicted to your computer by virus, spyware, dialers or auto-installed programmes which are present on connected web sites to Rememberme.it or clicking on connected advertisements on Rememberme.it. The service provider is not able to and is not responsible to verify in real time and completely the contents sent in by the users and uploaded on the web site Rememberme.it. Each external published link by the users on their spaces is a link at risk and you take the exclusive responsibility when following these links.

- Term/Provision of release.

The user accepts to indemnify and keep unharmed Rememberme.it, as well as his/her partners/fellow members and associates, his/her officials, agents and employees of any indemnifiable obligation towards third parties deriving from, or connected in any way with the use of the Service by the user, including possible responsibility or legal expenses deriving from any request of compensation, loss, damages (direct or indirect), causes, sentences, legal proceedings and advice, of any kind and nature. In this case, Rememberme.it will notify the user in a written form of such request of compensation, cause or legal action.

Privacy – Personal Data

The personal data of the subscribers will be treated according to the regulations applicable in Italy in order to deliver the service. You declare to have read and accepted the information on the processing of your personal data by the service provider. The data of the subscribers will not be forwarded to third parties for commercial purposes. You are aware of the fact that the provider will communicate such data only to the competent authorities or bodies in charge for the protection of copyright (SIAE) on specific request, motivated by a confirmed and proven violation against the law. Rememberme.it collects and uses the personal data of its users according to the regulations stipulated by the Italian decree no. 196/2003 (Decreto Legislativo n. 196/2003 - "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali"). Holder of the data processing is Cokoon Entertainment g. d., with headquarters in via roma 23, cap (I) 46020 S. Giacomo d/s (Mantua – Italy). To exert the rights as stipulated by paragraph 7 of the Law for the protection of personal data, and to have further information on how your personal data is collected and used, or for further questions and suggestions, contact directly Cokoon Entertainment through email info@cokoon.net. The data can be processed only where the user has expressed his specific consent for marketing and promotion purposes in a broad sense, to deliver information and/or offers on products, services or initiatives promoted by Cokoon Entertainment and/or by affiliated companies and/or subsidiaries as well as commercial partners and outsourcers, without that this would determine the assignment of personal data to third parties. It is implicit that where you decide to use the services to consciously communicate or propagate your delicate data on the internet, these operations do not constitute communication or diffusion methods by Rememberme.it/Cokoon Entertainment, as these operations are done by you autonomously in the management of the web space reserved by you or otherwise in the field of normal fruition of the services from your part.

- Acceptance ability of the terms and conditions of the service

You declare to be at least 18 years of age and to be capable to understand all terms, conditions and obligations outlined in this agreement. In case you do not consent to or you do not understand the terms of usage, you are requested not to use the service Rememberme.it.

- Generality

The service provider reserves the right to modify the terms of usage of the service at any given moment and without further notice. The usage of the service by the user following such modifications implies the acceptance and approval of such modifications.
Any dispute will be settled in the law court of Mantova (Italy).