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What is « Remember me » ?

« Remember me » is a fun online service that makes sure you remember all your important dates easily and promptly..
After a brief registration procedure, you’ll be able to access your own personal area, where you can manage as many dates to remember as you like, with no limits.
« Remember me » will make sure you don’t forget when your documents (driving licence, passport, ID card, etc) are due to run out, or simply remind you when your friends’ birthdays are coming up, or the anniversary of something that’s important to you... the options are virtually endless!

Why use « Remember me » ?

Because it’s a free service, and doesn’t require any programs you don’t already have on your PC.
You can access the emails wherever you like: at home, at work or on your mobile. It’s up to you to decide whether to receive the messages, and if so, when and where.
There’s no obligation to use the service, and no-one else will be given access to your details.
« Remember me » is supported by sponsors who allow us to offer the service free of charge.